Emerald Eye Designs was born from my unending passion for collecting beautiful items, or as is often the case, once beautiful items that are begging for a rebirth…It is about reimagining how something can be brought back to life, and be an inspiration for a new design.

I’m completely devoted (and obsessed) with finding architectural items and puzzle piecing them into a new or remodeled house or project.

In other words, when people ask me what I do, it isn’t a short answer.

It is really architectural procurement.  But that isn’t very sexy.

I can shop and source like nobody’s business.  Just ask my husband.

Whereby most designers create along the way, I find the pieces that then create the inspiration to partner with the architecture.


Things that indicate my style and design?
I love surprises.  I love moving from intimate spaces to voluminous spaces, light to dark.
I love to set a table with beautiful vintage table settings, flowers from my garden, and prepare meals for friends that are at least partially from my own organic vegetable beds.  I love my happy and gorgeous chickens, and the stunning brown and blue eggs that they produce.
I love the many variations of wildlife that occupy my garden because of my organic practices.
I love making granola, blood orange and lavender marmalade, and a beautiful cassoulet.
I love traveling to cultures that stir up inspiration and spark my imagination.
I love sharing what I do with others.


Your lifestyle should be a compliment to the interior design that you live in.
Whether humble or grand, let your personality shine through, and make it your own.
In my opinion, a home is nothing if it doesn’t beg for you to curl up with friends and really get to the heart of what is important in life, whether over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine.
It is about a lifestyle and how someone lives in a space.
Design should be inspiring and celebratory, but most importantly it needs to reflect your day to day living.
Where do you put your keys when you walk in the door?
Where do your kids put their backpacks when they walk in the door so that they don’t land on the kitchen floor?  Where does the natural light come from, and fresh breezes?
Where will you have your coffee and read the newspaper in the morning?


I am available for staging, styling photo shoots, architectural procurement, and of course design inspiration.


Yours truly,
Tammy Hughes
Emerald Eye Designs

Emerald Eye Designs